Refund Policy

Onsite Service Refund Policy:

Full Refund:

A full refund is possible only in situations where customer has paid the fee in advance for onsite service and later cancels it 6 hours before the scheduled visit or if customer has not accepted onsite tech visit call the same day.
If requested full refund will be issued if the technician doesn’t show up as per the schedule, declines service, non availability of parts, weather etc.

Partial Refund:-

We have a 15 days refund policy for onsite services only in situations where issue was not resolved by us after the tech visit.
If a problem that has been resolved returns during 15 days period, and the cause is determined to not be the fault of the user, we will either send a technician back to your location or attempt to resolve the problem by other means if possible. If we are not able to determine the problem or offer a resolution you will get partial refund, which will be 50% of the onsite service fee for the time spent working on the issue.
Any different issue arising within 15 days or later will not qualify for any refunds. However IT Internet Promo LLC may try to resolve the problem for client .

Please note:

Sometimes it can take longer than expected to resolve a problem to unavoidable circumstances. We expect client to allow us more time to finish. If customer requests stopping the onsite work in between due to any reason, IT Internet Promo LLC may not issue full or partial refund depending on how much time we have spent.
Intimate support desk, if you are not satisfied with the support. We shall try our best to address the concern, however, if requested for refund, on cases to cases basis, we may issue full or partial refund depending upon the service and work done during prior incidents.

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